Personal Training

Here at Body Conditioning, we recognise that every individual has different fitness levels, abilities and needs – so everyone requires a bespoke personal training programme tailored to achieve their specific goals.That’s why we provide dedicated one-to-one sessions, designed to create a unique dynamic with your personal trainer and give you the attention and focus you need to see real results.

When you first get started on your fitness journey with us, one of our fully qualified trainers will conduct thorough assessments in all aspects of your general health and fitness, allowing us to create a regime specifically tailored for you. This plan will take into account your goals, current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.You will then be guided through an entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training both inside and outside the gym, your nutrition and your lifestyle to make sure we set ambitious, yet achievable, goals to help you live a healthier life.

Personal training with Body Conditioning integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both your body and mind challenged. This includes options such as: strength, mobility, stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise and sports performance. Each session is designed to be progressive and challenging, working all components of fitness development. We don’t just want to help you get leaner; we’ll also make you stronger, more flexible, more agile – in the best shape of your life. We guarantee that our commitment, alongside your own, will deliver real results – fast. For more information on all the areas that we focus on, see below.

  • Postural Correction
    Postural Assessment

    It is important to identify and correct postural attributes of an individual when I start working with a new client.

  • Weight.Muscle

    An increasingly popular reason for people to train – where the desire is more inclined to toning, increasing

  • Fat loss
    Fat / Weight Loss

    Probably the most common reason people seek help with their training. It is important to make sure every ...

  • Group
    Group Sessions

    If there are a few of you with a similar goal or if you are looking to get maximum value by booking group ...

verity_before_afterIn a word, Impressed. I am an extremely happy customer, and would recommend Barry to anyone who wants to achieve weight loss targets.
Verity Smith, Petersfield