Looking for Corporate Training in and around Petersfield?

Modern life has meant that a lot of us have the same routine day after day, without thinking about the impact it might be having on our bodies.
We drive to work, sit sedentary for 8 hours (only pausing for a shop-bought sandwich and a packet of crisps), before driving home again and crashing out on the sofa. However, unhealthy staff means increased sick days and decreased job dissatisfaction. This is where corporate training comes in. Here at Body Conditioning, we offer exercise classes and educational seminars to help your staff become happier and healthier.

How can Corporate Training help my Business?

In short, healthy employees equal increased productivity, and increased productivity means more money for your company. Encouraging people to take an active interest in their health not only has a physical benefit but also a mental advantage, as exercise is scientifically proven to clear the mind, improving concentration and happiness levels. From yoga to circuits, we’ve got something to fit every fitness level and interest and keep your employees’ minds and bodies sharp.

We offer:

– 30 minute exercise classes before work, during lunchtimes and in the evenings, to ensure that there’s a time to suit everyone’s schedule
– Classes on offer include: Yoga, Pilates, Circuits, Core Strengthening, Cardio Blast and many more
– Personalised plans to help staff keep exercising out of work hours
– Educational seminars providing employees with the knowledge they need to live a healthier lifestyle
– Structured eating plans to encourage a balanced diet and increased energy

Long-lasting Benefits with our Educational Seminars

Here at Body Conditioning, we want to teach people to make healthy decisions for life – not just for the 30 minutes they’re in a class with us. That’s why we offer educational seminars, equipping your staff with the knowledge they need to become healthier.
During our seminars we’ll go through some common myths around healthy eating, how modern life affects health as well as explaining good and bad calories. At the end of the session, employees will be provided with personalised plans to help them feel great and be more productive in the office.
All topics discussed consider all elements of health (nutrition, exercise, lifestyle) and our seminars can be completely tailored around the needs of your business. Just let us know your specific requirements, be that how to eat healthily on the go or incorporating exercise into daily life, and we’ll adjust our seminars accordingly.

Food Tasting

Some members of staff might need more convincing than others. To bring our healthy eating principles to live, we offer food sampling days, where we cook healthy snacks and lunches at your premises for staff to sample. This provides fresh ideas for food choices in the work place and opens people’s eyes to how healthy eating can be tasty and easy as well as good for you. To ensure your staff keep making healthy choices, they’ll even receive a recipe card to take away with them.

Corporate Events

A bit of competition never hurt anyone, and can create a fun, productive and motivational environment. Working as a team also helps to boost team morale. We organise a range of events, including the following:

• 21 day eating challenge
• Get active challenge
• Cycling events
• South Downs Walks
• Corporate Runs

To find out more about our corporate training, please contact us.

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