• trainerbarry
    Barry Carter (Head Trainer)

    Personally, I devote 99% of my time to sport activity and training. Whether its playing tennis, golf, football or training in the gym; I thoroughly enjoy all pursuits of a physical nature and using my time in the gym to ensure I get the most from each game.

    Core Stability and Torso strengthing coach
    Weight Management, Sports Specific Training, Toning and shaping, Body Building
    Favorite Sport
    Baseball, Ice hockey
  • trainer1
    Scott James

    Like so many others, my passion for fitness and sport has helped me to transform my life. Growing up, I was extremely overweight and didn’t have the knowledge or drive to make positive changes.

    International Institute for Fitness Training from FISAF
    Weight Management • Pilates • Stretching and Flexibility
    Favorite Sport
    Rugby, cricket
  • trainerfem
    Stella Faughnan

    I believe the benefits of exercise are not just about physical appearance and reducing the risk of illness, but also how it makes you feel on the inside. Having always had a healthy interest in sport, fitness and well-being, I’ve personally benefited hugely from maintaining an active lifestyle over the years.

    ETA National Certificate in Fitness (cum laude)
    Weight loss, Functional Training, Toning and Shaping
    Favorite Sport
    Hockey, Tennis
verity_before_afterIn a word, Impressed. I am an extremely happy customer, and would recommend Barry to anyone who wants to achieve weight loss targets.
Verity Smith, Petersfield